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Why Use Linux25?

Why use Linux25 Managed Hosting when I can get cheap hosting from XYZ company?

Our new and prospective customers often ask this question.  The answer is SERVICE.  When you compare our web hosting services, make sure you are comparing managed hosting to managed hosting.  We provide not only hosting, but also management services.

The discount prices you see at other services are cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Those hosting accounts provide all of the tools for you to manage your website yourself.  Do you have the time to manage it yourself?  Most business owners don’t have time to learn the technologies of DNS, MySQL and HTTP.  And once you have that knowledge, you can start to learn the management interface for your site.  Need database maintenance?  Do it yourself on those other guys.  Our service handles your website for you so you can focus on your core business.

If you have to call Linux25 for assistance, you will speak to the Webmaster.

When you call discount hosting, the first thing you hear is “Due to higher than normal call volumes, your wait time will be 20 minutes.”  When you finally get a human being on the phone, it will be a high school graduate reading a script off of his screen.  Do you have time to go through all of this?  NO!  Call us and talk to an expert right away.

Linux25 specializes in managing retail shopping web sites.

We don’t host your nephew’s photo collection.  We host store fronts that generate revenue for their owners.  Have a question about how your shopping cart works?  Most hosting companies will not even look at it.  We can provide answers in minutes.  We also can provide consulting for code repairs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and software maintenance.

Linux25 manages your site from top to bottom so you can just do business!

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