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What settings do I use to set up my email client?

Step 1: You must have an email account in your domain.   (Your company's email administrator may have already done this step.) If so, go to Step 2.

To create this account, go to https://yourdomain.com/cpanel.  Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.  Login here with the credentials you were sent when you signed up for your account.  If you do not have this information, you can login to your administration screen on https://linux25.com/clientarea and get the info and request a password reset.

     Once you are logged into the control panel, you will see an icon with a link to the email addresses.  See the cPanel documentation for instructions to add the new email addresses.  You can click the 'Help' link in the control panel for instructions.

Step 2: Once you have an email account in your domain, open your web browser and go to http://yourdomain.com/webmail.  Replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name.

       Use your full email address for the username and enter your password. 

       From the Webmail page you can change your password, change auto-reply settings and configure your email client.  You can also read and compose email through the web interface with one of 3 client programs, Horde, Squirrel Mail, or Roundcube. 

       Click on the link that says "configure email client".  This will show the proper settings necessary for your email client software.

Here is a link to instructions to add an email account in Outlook 2010:  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/add-or-remove-an-e-mail-account-HA010354414.aspx

        Use the settings that do not include SSL.  Most users should configure their client for POP email, unless you are an advanced email user.  Your incoming and outgoing server should be mail.mydomain.com, where you replace mydomain.com with your actual domain name. Make sure you have configured your outgoing settings to require authentication to the server. The outgoing server uses the same userid and password as the incoming server.

Due to the large number of email client programs available, we cannot provide support for configuration of all of them. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.  Our servers use standard POP and SMTP protocols and are compatible with any client that conforms to these standards.  We recommend that every business and home have a technology consultant whom they can call for difficult problems on site.

Don't set your devices to check for email more than once every 5 minutes.  Add one minute for each device.  If you are using multiple devices for POP email, read this Knowledgebase article here:  http://linux25.com/clientarea/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=10

We recommend Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client and will support Thunderbird to the extent of our abilities.


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