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How do I change my password?
You can change your email passwords through the webmail interface.  Just login to...
Views: 540
How do I get to webmail?
You can access webmail by going to your domain's URL with /webmail after it. For example:...
Views: 955
How do I know how many hits my site is getting?
Every site comes with cPanel control panel software. You can access cPanel and use Webalyzer and...
Views: 990
How do I use POP email from multiple devices?
When you use a POP email client software, your email is automatically copied from the mail server...
Views: 930
Link to Squirrel Mail documentation
Here is a link to the documentation for Squirrel Mail.  Squirrl mail is one of the choices...
Views: 1219
What are your policies regarding mass email?
We allow domains to send mass email as long as the conform to the CAN SPAM act of 2003. You can...
Views: 788
What does 'Concierge Service' cover?
Concierge Service is the easy way to get minor updates made to your site every month. This...
Views: 1106
What settings do I use to set up my email client?
Step 1: You must have an email account in your domain.   (Your company's email administrator...
Views: 1444

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